Calgary & Strathmore Business Lawyers

Through its decades of experience, Getz Collins and Associates has developed lasting relationships with the business communities in Strathmore and Calgary. We advise businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large international corporations, on a variety of complex legal, financial, and regulatory issues. Our business law team is dedicated to offering services tailored to best position entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large businesses for success.

Legal Services Bundle for Start-Ups

The business lawyers at Getz Collins and Associates are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Alberta. Our Legal Services Bundle for Start-Ups includes all essential guidance and agreements required when setting up a new business venture, including incorporation documents, minute book creation, employment agreements, and shareholder structures.

Our firm philosophy is rooted in a community-minded approach while embracing modern technological innovations. We remain invested in the success of our clients’ new businesses from inception onward, providing tailored legal and business services to support their advancement.

Incorporation & Business Structures in Alberta

We have an extensive knowledge of business structures in Alberta and help clients choose the framework best suited to their operational needs, tax considerations, and the nature of their venture. Our business law team provides robust advice to established businesses and start-ups alike and assists with incorporation and setting up partnerships, joint ventures, co-operatives, and business trusts.

To ensure our clients’ businesses are well-rooted for future growth, the business lawyers of Getz Collins and Associates also negotiate and draft any related contracts, including partnership and shareholder agreements.

Unanimous Shareholder Agreements

Unanimous Shareholder Agreements act as a roadmap for an organization’s shareholders’ rights, as well as the management and operation of the business. Corporate legislation in Alberta requires specific terms to be integrated into every Unanimous Shareholder Agreement detailing the rights and obligations of the business owners, directors, officers, and shareholders. Some matters commonly addressed in a Unanimous Shareholder Agreement include:

  • Shareholder voting rights;
  • Restrictions on share sales and transfers;
  • Management structure;
  • Corporate signing authority; and
  • The appointment of corporate directors.

Getz Collins and Associates reviews and drafts comprehensive Unanimous Shareholder Agreements that anticipate and mitigate potential areas of future dispute.

Asset & Share Purchases

Asset purchases and share purchases are two primary options when acquiring a business. Each carries its own benefits, risks, and financial considerations (including tax consequences).

In an asset purchase, a buyer buys the business’s assets, including equipment, inventory, intellectual property, real estate, and contracts. However, the buyer also acquires the company’s liabilities. Conversely, in a share purchase, the buyer acquires the company’s shares to take over ownership of the business. As a result, the buyer becomes responsible for all company assets and liabilities, both known and unknown.

Getz Collins and Associates guides individuals and businesses through the myriad of legal and financial considerations when embarking on an asset or share purchase. Our meticulous business lawyers conduct thorough due diligence to preserve our clients’ interests and reduce their overall vulnerability.

Corporate Financing

Corporate financing is a complex and critical part of a business’s growth potential and lasting viability. Our firm represents borrowers and lenders and provides multi-faceted financing strategies to maximize profitability and mitigate risk.

The business law group at Getz Collins and Associates has combined decades of experience with corporate lending. We advise businesses and financial institutions on either side of lending agreements on a variety of financing options, including:

  • Credit cards, lines of credit, and supplier credit programs;
  • Equipment and real estate leasing;
  • Cash flow and asset-based business loans;
  • Leveraged or acquisition financing; and
  • Mortgages.

Corporate Restructuring & Reorganization

Corporate restructuring or reorganization is a vast and intricate area of Canadian business law, involving a web of corporate laws, securities regulations, and regulatory considerations. Getz Collins and Associates provides trusted advice to business sellers, purchasers, shareholders, and other stakeholders on all issues relating to restructuring and reorganization, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Share and asset purchases;
  • Amalgamations;
  • Divestitures and asset sales;
  • Ownership restructuring; and
  • Joint ventures.

Our business lawyers understand the uncertainty and complexities involved in change in corporate structure or control. We create pragmatic, cutting-edge legal solutions to maintain operational stability and support the long-term business profitability of our clients’ business ventures.

Getz Collins and Associates: Providing Cutting-Edge Advice to Businesses in Calgary and Strathmore

Since its inception in 1984, Getz Collins and Associates has established a reputation for top-tier, innovative legal work for businesses across Alberta. Our knowledgeable business lawyers develop pragmatic legal solutions for businesses of all sizes and provide unparalleled client service. As proud Albertans, we seamlessly integrate a big-firm level of professionalism and resources with our community-centric approach.

Based in Calgary and Strathmore, we proudly serve communities across the province, including Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Drumheller, Chestermere, Hussar, and all surrounding areas. To schedule a confidential consultation, please contact us online or call 587-391-5600.