Employment Lawyers Advising Employers in Calgary & Strathmore

At Getz Collins and Associates, we understand managing employees is a complex and crucial aspect of running a successful business. Our knowledgeable employment lawyers provide comprehensive legal solutions that empower employers as they navigate the changing landscape of Alberta’s employment laws. Our employment law team helps employers across the province understand and remain in compliance with employment standards, human rights, and occupational health and safety legislation while maintaining a productive, thriving workforce.

Independent Contractors vs. Employees (Worker Classification)

Misclassifying employees as independent contractors can lead to costly penalties and legal disputes. We can review the circumstances of your workforce and determine the appropriate worker classification for each individual or group of staff, helping the employer avoid legal pitfalls and ensuring proper compensation practices.

Performance Improvement Plans

If an employee’s performance is not meeting expectations, a well-structured Performance Improvement Plan can be an effective tool to address the issue and provide the employee with an opportunity to improve. Our lawyers will work with you to develop a clear, documented Performance Improvement Plan that outlines performance expectations, timelines for improvement, and consequences for continued underperformance. By following these legal guidelines, employers can support employees in a fair, measured way while also documenting progressive discipline to defend against potential claims.

Workplace Policies & Procedures

The innovative employment lawyers at Getz Collins and Associates create tailored policies and procedures that act as a framework to protect employers’ business ventures and foster healthy, productive workplaces. We help employers of all sizes, from established businesses to start-ups, develop a strong understanding of policy and procedure development and how it safeguards their operations.

Averaging Arrangements

Overtime pay can be a significant expense for any business. Averaging arrangements allow employers to calculate overtime pay over a longer period, potentially reducing labour costs and establishing fair and predictable work schedules for all workers. However, implementing these arrangements requires strict adherence to Alberta employment laws. Our team will guide you through the legal intricacies of averaging arrangements, ensuring you comply with the law while effectively managing your workforce.

Departure of Employees

Whether it’s a termination, resignation, or layoff, managing employee departures requires careful consideration to minimize potential liability. The employment law team at Getz Collins and Associates guides employers through the legal process of each type of departure, ensuring compliance with mandated notice periods, severance pay requirements, and record-keeping obligations. Our goal is to help you navigate these transitions smoothly and maintain workplace morale.

Employer Audits

Don’t wait for a problem to arise. Our proactive employer audits offer a valuable first step toward minimizing legal risks. Our employment law group will delve into your current employment practices, policies, and procedures to identify potential areas of non-compliance with Alberta’s employment legislation, including the Employment Standards Code, Alberta Human Rights Act, and Occupational Health and Safety Act. Following a thorough review, we will provide a comprehensive report outlining areas for improvement and offer practical recommendations to achieve legal compliance and support a healthy, successful workplace.

Remote Work & Time Theft

The rise of remote work arrangements presents new challenges for employers. We can help you develop effective policies and strategies for managing remote workforces, including addressing concerns around time theft and ensuring employee productivity. Our advice can cover monitoring practices, record-keeping for remote work hours, and the legal implications of time theft.

Statutory Holidays & Pay

Alberta employment law mandates specific rules for paying employees on statutory holidays. The employment lawyers at Getz Collins and Associates provide clear guidance on statutory holiday pay calculations, including public holidays worked, overtime pay, and minimum entitlements based on employee classification. This knowledge ensures employers remain compliant with the law and avoid potential disputes with their employees.

Valid Resignation

A valid resignation is essential to distinguish from an employee being forced out of their position (constructive dismissal). We can help you identify the legal requirements for a valid resignation and ensure a smooth resignation process. This includes advising on the acceptance of resignation letters, ensuring all outstanding payments are made, and maintaining proper employment records.

Wages & Hours

Complying with Alberta’s wage and hour legislation is paramount to ensure fair compensation for your employees. Getz Collins and Associates offers in-depth guidance on minimum wage requirements, overtime pay calculations, deductions from wages, and proper record-keeping practices. By staying informed of legal updates and best practices, we can help you navigate this complex area of employment law with confidence.

Wrongful Dismissal & Just Cause Termination

Terminating an employee without reasonable notice is a serious decision. We will advise you on your legal rights and obligations regarding termination and help build a strong, fair case for termination without notice if appropriate. Understanding the concept of “just cause” is crucial to ensuring equitable treatment of employees and protecting your business from wrongful dismissal lawsuits.

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