Calgary & Strathmore Family Lawyers

Family law cases can involve complicated interpersonal histories and are highly emotional, particularly where children are involved. The compassionate family lawyers at Getz Collins and Associates endeavour to learn the unique circumstances of each client and their family, and develop tailored solutions to a full spectrum of family and divorce issues.

Separation & Divorce

Our empathetic family lawyers understand the emotional stress and financial hardship a couple may suffer after the relationship ends. We help married spouses and adult independent (common law) partners navigate their rights and obligations during and after separation and divorce. We also offer comprehensive or unbundled services as needed, at any time in the process.

Parenting Matters in Alberta

Getz Collins and Associates advises clients on all considerations related to parenting matters arising after a separation or divorce, including:

  • Decision-making responsibility (formerly known as “custody”);
  • Parenting time (formerly known as “access”);
  • Parenting plans;
  • Relocation and mobility; and
  • Grandparent rights.

We also represent clients in adoption matters (including international and private adoptions), as well as guardianship applications.

Child Support

A parent’s legal obligation to support their children does not cease after a separation or divorce. Child support responsibilities continue, in most cases, until a child reaches the age of majority (and may extend into their adult years, depending on their particular needs). In Alberta, child support is governed by provincial laws and the Federal Child Support Guidelines, which provide a formula for calculating child support payments.

Getz Collins and Associates offers trusted advice on all issues relating to child support in Alberta, including:

  • Adult child support;
  • Variation applications;
  • Financial disclosure and income determination;
  • Special or extraordinary expenses;
  • Termination of child support; and
  • Enforcement of child support obligations.

Spousal & Adult Interdependent Partner Support

After a separation or divorce, our family lawyers can help clients navigate their support obligations or entitlements. In Alberta, both married and adult interdependent (common law) partners may be eligible for spousal support to help the recipient spouse/partner maintain their standard of living and/or economically balance the scales between the spouses.

Getz Collins and Associates advises on all aspects of spousal and adult interdependent partner support in Alberta, including:

  • Eligibility, amount, and duration of support as set out in provincial laws and the federal Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines;
  • Cohabitation and separation agreements addressing support entitlements;
  • Interim and final spousal support options;
  • Variation of existing spousal support orders;
  • Tax implications; and
  • Enforcement of spousal support orders and agreements.

Property Division

Depending on a family’s assets and net worth, property division can be one of the more complicated facets of a relationship’s breakdown. Getz Collins and Associates advises clients on their property rights at any stage of their relationship, marriage/partnership, or separation. We create individualized solutions relating to all aspects of family property division, including:

  • Equalization payments and division of assets;
  • Excluded property, including inheritances;
  • Entitlement to possession or division of the matrimonial home and other family residences;
  • Shared debts and liabilities; and
  • Asset, real estate, and property valuation; and
  • Division of business assets.

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