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Family law cases can involve complicated interpersonal histories and are highly emotional, particularly where children are involved. The compassionate family and divorce lawyers at Getz Collins and Associates endeavour to learn the unique circumstances of each client and their family and develop tailored solutions to a full spectrum of family and divorce issues.

Child Support

Child support is a crucial financial contribution to the well-being of children after separation or divorce. Our lawyers ensure child support calculations adhere to the applicable Child Support Guidelines, reflecting the best interests of your children and aligning with your family’s financial realities.

Cohabitation Agreements

For common-law (adult interdependent) partners choosing cohabitation, a well-drafted cohabitation agreement provides legal clarity regarding financial and property rights. We guide you in establishing these parameters, which are particularly important if you have significant assets or complex property interests.

Common-Law (Adult Interdependent) Relationship Separation

Common-law couples face legal implications upon separation, although not formal divorce proceedings. We advocate for your rights regarding property division, adult interdependent partner support, and child support, aiming for a smooth and equitable process.

Decision-Making (Custody) & Parenting Time (Access)

Parenting arrangements are critical for children’s stability and well-being after separation. We advocate for parenting plans that prioritize clear decision-making responsibility (custody) and parenting time (access) arrangements that nurture strong bonds between parents and children.

Division of Property

Separation or divorce often necessitates the division of marital or common-law assets and debts. We employ our in-depth knowledge of property division laws to achieve a fair and equitable outcome, considering factors such as contributions made during the relationship and the value of each asset.


Dissolving a marriage can be emotionally and legally complex. Our lawyers navigate you through the separation and divorce process efficiently, ensuring all aspects are addressed comprehensively, including property division, spousal and child support, and parenting arrangements.

Separation Agreements

We assist in crafting comprehensive separation agreements that address the division of assets and debts, spousal support (if applicable), and parenting arrangements. Our experienced lawyers ensure a clear and enforceable agreement that protects your interests and fosters future peace of mind.

Spousal Support

After a separation or divorce, spousal support enables the financially dependent spouse or partner to regain financial independence. Our in-depth understanding of relevant factors, including marriage/adult interdependent relationship duration, income disparity, and childcare responsibilities, allows us to negotiate fair and sustainable support agreements on your behalf.

Adult Interdependent Partner (AIP) Support

In Alberta, adult interdependent partners (AIPs, also referred to as “common-law” partners) may be entitled to financial support upon separation. We provide experienced representation to ensure your rights are protected and a fair support arrangement is established based on the specific circumstances of your relationship.

Family Home

The family home represents a significant asset in many separations and divorces. We provide strategic guidance on various options, including selling it, dividing its proceeds, or spousal buyouts, ensuring an approach that aligns with your financial goals and future plans.

Mobility & Relocation

Relocation with children after separation raises legal considerations and can result in emotional disputes between parents. Our lawyers provide experienced guidance in navigating permission for relocation or seeking alternative parenting arrangements, ensuring a solution that prioritizes your children’s best interests.

Family Law Mediation

Under the Divorce Act, divorcing spouses are required to attempt to reach an agreement on any outstanding issues through alternative dispute resolution before going to court. Mediation provides a valuable alternative to litigation for resolving family law issues. We offer skilled guidance through the mediation process, facilitating open communication and fostering a mutually agreeable outcome.

Grandparent Rights

Grandparents may have legal rights to maintain relationships with their grandchildren during and after a separation or divorce. We help you understand these rights and explore options for securing access through grandparents’ agreements or court applications whenever necessary.

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